Health Centre

The Swan River First Nation Health Centre delivers a variety of health care services and programs to the community which provide awareness and promote healthy living.

The programs offered include: Home and Community Care; Community Health; Maternal Child Health; Prenatal; Medical Transportation; Solvent Abuse; NNADAP; Environmental Health; Mental Health; Brighter Futures and; Diabetes. The program also looks after emergency services when required.

Health Care Staff:

Director –     Amanda Sheldon

Health Assistant –       Sharon Courtoreille

Receptionist –     Cory Courtoreille

Nurse –      Lorraine Rubisch

CHR/CPNP –       Roberta Sowan

Pre and Post-Natal Care-     Roberta Sowan

Maternal Child Health –      Nicole McIvor

NAADAP –        Harold Twin

Medical Support Worker –   Trish Penner

Drivers –      Morris Davis, Bertha Chalifoux

Honouring Life Coordinator –   Carrie Kachur