Swan River First Nation ” Member of the Month”

We are very pleased and proud to showcase members of the Swan River First Nation who have unique talents,  skills and specializations in various areas.
Swan River First Nation would like to introduce our latest showcase for this page that has been dedicated to honoring and acknowledging our members that have been successful in various ways in following their dreams and achieving success in their own lives and their positive impact on others..

“Member of the Month” for April, 2019

Sophia Cyre

Sophia Cyre – Poet, Artist

Sophia Cyre is a renounced artist from the Swan River First Nation Community, 34 years old and multi-talented in a variety of mixed art forms. From her hip-hop and spoken -words style in music, plus her ability to sew modern and traditional clothing. Sophia is also a very talented crafter from beading to knitting and everything in between. Sophia lived in the city of Edmonton since the year 2000, working at the ihuman youth society as a music producer. Working with hip-hop artists like Shawn Bernard co-producing his first demo album. Sophia has also had the opportunity to perform her own musical abilities at different venues such as
Youth conferences, gala’s and fundraisers, including North country fair. drawing in a fan base of all ages through her conscience style of music. She performed and facilitated workshops called “Healing through the Arts”. Traveling to places like Inuvik and Tullea in the N.W.T., to spread a strong message of healing through her personal life story.

Sophia has been featured in many fashion shows as a model and designer, such as “Unlabelled and Trashed”. Showcasing her talents in dress making and urban clothing. She then was inspired to reconnect with her roots and started creating powwow regalia for her two sons. Attending powwows throughout Alberta, watching her sons dance knowing one day she will be dancing alongside them.

Being creative in arts and music, inspired Sophia to pursue her hand at video.  Taking part in an in-depth program called “Fava”. This program taught her the skills to make and edit short film videos, leading her to submit a 10-minute video in “Global Visions Film Festival- The Heart Beat of the Planet”. The film called “My story” was played on the big screen, which showed the untold story of her childhood and traumatic events that took place. Over-coming life on the streets and drug addictions, ending her film with a music video called “With One Voice”.

During the last 2 years working with ihuman, Sophia decided to take a step in a different direction and created a program called “Woven Journey”. A program designed for young at-risk mothers, who find it difficult to connect with programs created for more stable backgrounds and support. “Woven Journey”, has helped so many young mothers with basic life skills, from cooking, self-care and childcare. The program was such a success and is recognized from Social Services as a stepping stone to reconnect the child and mother relationship within the child welfare system. With a large success rate, Woven Journey is still running to this day.
In the summer of 2009 Sophia then made the decision to move back to the Swan River First Nations community, bringing with her the knowledge and skills she had required in Edmonton. Her goal is to bring diverse, creative outlets to the youth and all age groups. Struggling to make a name within her community of Swan River, she was able to get a job at the Swan River First Nation School, teaching art to the Jr. & Sr. High students. Over the years she has been able to bring her talents within the school setting. She now teaches Elementary students art and runs the LLI program. She has also worked alongside other artists to teach parents how to make powwow regalia, ribbon shirts and skirts for Christmas and year end celebrations at the Swan River First Nations School.

Last but not least, Sophia is a profound and gifted beader. Following the footsteps of her late grandmother Jenny Cyre. Sophia has been beading since the early 2000’s. Starting as a vendor at small venues around Edmonton, expanding to powwow’s all over Alberta, once her sons started dancing on the powwow trail. Over the years, Sophia has developed skills in marketing and sales of her beadwork and has included other featured artist within the lesser slave lake area to join her in vendor opportunities.
In 2015, Sophia then took the leap to selling beading supplies alongside her
beadwork. Creating a business called “Tiny Sunshine Beads”. With the ability to create new customers through teaching her business became and instant success.  She has competitive prices and door to door deliveries, to communities with limited access to artist supplies. Sophia is in the process of creating an artist union for the northern area to help connect the artist with the consumer. She continues to teach beading to the members of the Swan River First Nations Community.

Sophia Cyre has been featured on;

C.J.S.R. 88.5 FM “Youth Mence”
C.F.W.E. 90.7 FM “One people, many lives”                                                          Edmonton Sun
Edmonton Journal
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