Swan River First Nation ” Member of the Month”

We are very pleased and proud to showcase members of the Swan River First Nation who have unique talents,  skills and specializations in various areas.
Swan River First Nation would like to introduce our latest showcase for this page that has been dedicated to honoring and acknowledging our members that have been successful in various ways in following their dreams and achieving success in their own lives and their positive impact on others..

“Member of the Month” for March, 2019

TammyLea Roxanna Sound

Our beautiful Tammylea Sound is a proud member of the Swan River First Nation.  Tammylea made her entrance into the world on September 15, 1960 in Edmonton, Alberta at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and soon after, Tammylea was placed in the loving home of her Kokum (Grandma) Bella Victoria Moreland and raised with her until she was almost 10 years old.  Her next home would be with Gordon Sound in the beautiful city of Victoria, BC.  She lived there until the age of 15.  It was soon after leaving home at 16, that Tammylea realized her passion and what would become her career choice for the next 40 plus years.  She started with a 2 year apprenticeship in Edmonton with the very well known and established company, Vidal Sassoon’s Hair Salon.  Those years fed and gave life to her love of hairdressing and became the most memorable experience during her profession.   This helped to further fuel her excitement and dedication to creating and spreading happiness to her customers by not only transforming their looks but also offering a pleasant environment with the consistent smiles, patience and true joy in her craft.  Satisfied customers came back haircut after haircut, dye, shape, perm and color and all other enhancements her talented hands and imagination have created.

Soon after working in this profession for several years, Tammylea decided to further her skills and applied for a 2 year apprenticeship to become a barber to enhance her artistry.  Since completing her apprenticeship,  Tammylea raised her 2 beautiful daughters in Victoria , BC., but soon felt the tug of her deep love and connection to her kokum and felt she needed to return to her homeland and she made the move back 11 1/2 years ago.

Even though Tammylea has moved home, most of her vacations have found her heading back west to visit her beautiful girls and grandchildren.  Although she does not consider herself a “social butterfly”, since she engages and interacts with people on a daily basis, she has been known to share her caring heart by lending an ear, a shoulder to cry on or just provide a genuine interest in conversation.  Since establishing her own barbershop, that she has owned and operated for the last 11 years, Tammylea has acquired an ever increasing clientele of satisfied customers in her bustling, successful business and we hope to see her business continue to thrive and prosper.   So if you need a haircut and a smile, please visit Tammylea and you can be guaranteed to want to return for more.  Tammylea’s barbershop is located in the strip mall of the Sawridge Truck Stop in Slave Lake, Alberta.

Stay tuned for April’s “Member of the Month” – Richard Woodman

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