For any membership questions or requests please use this link – Membership contact

All Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) offices for Indian status and secure status card applications remain closed until further notice.  Processing times, including return of original documents, are delayed.

Estates for status

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Swan River has its own membership code that determines what the process is for applying to be a band member as well as who is eligible and what the appeal process is for membership applications.  Have a look at the membership code below and contact the office with any questions you may have.

There is currently a petition being circulated to open our code up for amendments.  There aren’t any specific amendments proposed at this time.  25% of the voting members need to petition to be able to look at the code and propose changes.  Once it reaches 25% the nation will be calling a general meeting and changes can be proposed at that time, the process may take a number of meetings and revisions.  Any changes can only be brought into effect through referendum.  We encourage members to take part in this process as it is one that we would like to replicate for other laws/codes.

Membership Staff:

Membership Clerk:   Julie Sound

Membership code


We have received a petition with over 25% of the voting members and so there is currently a review of the membership code being done.  For all members unable to attend meetings at the nation please review the code above and email your comments in through the contact page.  We are going to be carrying out a process of consulting members and preparing draft codes until the membership feels comfortable with the membership code.  At that point there will be a referendum to bring the new code into effect.