Housing and Public Works

Housing and Public Works Programs are responsible for the proper maintenance, repair and safety of the Nation’s houses and all other Nation buildings including sewer and garbage services.

The housing program applies and provides for services such as Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation programs and any other programs and services that apply to the Nation’s houses and maintenance. The program is also responsible for the Swan River First Nation Water Treatment Plant ensuring that the Nation’s water is safe and secure for the Nation’s population.

If anyone has repair requests for their band homes please call or come into the band hall and fill out a housing repair request form and take a copy so that you have a record of your request.  This is the best way to ensure that your request is followed up on.

Below is the housing policy.  Knowing the policy will help band members in dealing with issues, knowing who to go to for different things, how to apply for housing, etc.  Please check back as the policy is currently under review and a housing committee has been recently formed to deal with housing issues.

Housing Policy

Housing Department Staff

Director:                Jerry Davis

Maintenance:       Darrell Davis

Housing Assistant – Jared Sowan

Public Works Staff

Water Plant:         Deziray Giroux, Kelvin Hunt

Vac Truck:             Ernest Dumont