The Education department administers the post secondary program ensuring that the students’ needs are met within the policies.  The department also provides the Nation’s liaison for education services up to grade 12 for on Reserve students attending off Reserve institutions.

Swan River First Nation band members have a lot of capacity in the area of education.  We have a number of teachers, and individuals with degrees and masters degrees in education.  We also have an Education committee made up of some of those educators.  Any Swan River members that ever need advice or someone to advocate on their behalf in any matters that have to do with education are encouraged to talk to the committee.  Call the band hall for more information or check the monthly newsletter for committee meeting times.

Education Staff:

Education Manager:      Paula Cardinal

Principal: Charlene Hunt

Cree Language teacher/coordinator: Esther Giroux

Teachers: Gail Bellerose, Lee Rafuse, Christy Hill

The school has a number of other positions filled primarily by band members.

Proud moment as Esther Giroux, who has a masters in Education, and Principal Hunt wrap Dallas Hunt in a star blanket in recognition of him receiving his Doctorate, on the table is a drum that was also given. Both the drum and blanket were made by band members.