Being Indigenous

  1. Land is Life
  2. Language is Power
  3. Freedom is on the other side of fear
  4. Change happens one warrior at a time
  5. Decolonize your diet – hunt, fish, trap, gather

In theory, everyone has the right to a healthy life.  But unless you have a real comprehensive understanding of your unique situation this healthy life becomes very hard to pinpoint.  Many people are financially successful but aren’t healthy.  Some people are educated but still feel like they have no direction.  A big part of this puzzle is knowing what it means to be indigenous, to be Nihiyaw.

Understanding our situation as a distinct group of people and as individuals will start to shed light on a lot of the things we face as a community and as families.  Understanding the history of this country and the history of Indigenous people from all over will allow us to see that a lot of what we do or don’t do is the product of colonization.  Once we have that understanding the way out of the negative patterns that we see in our community becomes more and more clear.

We need to decolonize.

So, what follows on this page are talks, materials, articles, from Indigenous leaders on our situation and solutions to remove ourselves from it.  If anything strikes you as real or reflects the situation here in our community please share it with others so that we can start to think about our situation and talk about it and learn.  Hiy Hiy.

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