Covid-19 Support Form



To provide a temporary emergency financial subsidy assistance payment to Swan River First Nation Band Members.


Due to the current COVID – 19 pandemic and situation which has been caused by unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control and which presents a severe health risk, we are providing a temporary financial assistance payment to our nation members. This is to assist them in subsidizing their income while they are waiting to access other resources available to them, or waiting until their next pay, or Income Support benefit cheque has been made available.

What is this subsidy meant for:


Additional Supplies

Emergency Supplies & Essentials

You MUST be a Swan River Band Member on file with our Nation and therefore must provide your Treaty Status Number.

How to apply:

Please fill in the following application form and ensure you provide your full mailing address.  If you have an email address please provide that as well so that the nation has your contact info on file.  If you need assistance you can call the band hall in the afternoon 1-4pm MST and ask for Marcy.