The Kanawewim’nan Nikawiy Askiy Consultation Office is mandated to protect Swan River’s Treaty and Traditional Territory.

Through site specific assessments this program endeavours to protect Swan River’s ability to practise their Treaty Rights to hunt, fish, trap, and gather for ‘as long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and the rivers flow’.  Environmental, Traditional Use Study, and Archaeological divisions within the consultation office work to collect and record traditional knowledge, to conduct archaeological assessments, to create culturally sustaining land use plans, and to understand and deal with cumulative effects in Swan River First Nation’s traditional territory.

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Policy and Guidelines

Site Assessments


Treaty 8

Case Law

Consultation Staff


Ryan Davis

Todd Bailey

Field Staff

Forestry – Ronald L’hirondelle

Oil and Gas – Raymond Giroux

Consultation Assistant

Loretta Chalifoux