Community Member of the Month

We are very pleased and proud to showcase members of the Swan River First Nation who have unique talents,  skills and specializations in various areas.

We will be starting this project beginning June 1st, 2018 with our first profile of Christie Sound, a local artist, whose gifts and talents invoke inspiration, self reflection and healing through her art.  

Christie S pic

Personal Profile

Meet Christie Sound, a beautiful 44 year old aboriginal woman from Swan River First Nation.  Christie is the mother of 3 children and common law wife to her spouse of 7 years, Eivind Andersen.  She has lived both on and off reserve periodically over the years and is currently residing on reserve in a home that she shares with her husband and young daughter, Rhylee.

Professional Background and history

Christie began her journey of self expression in her early years living in a house with a wood stove that provided heat for the family home.  It was one of her responsibilities to start the fires in the mornings and while she waited for the stove to provide enough warmth for the family, she would take a piece of burnt, cooled off charcoal and draw pictures on the discarded cardboard boxes used for kindling.  Her first drawings were of landscapes and she hasn’t lost her love of those particular scenes as evidenced in her current paintings.  Her father discovered her hidden talent one day and asked her if she was the creator of the pictures.  Christie was a bit self conscious, but sheepishly admitted she was and her father was astonished and proud of her raw but skillful talents as he was not aware of her love and intuitive skill for drawing.

” I have always embraced creativity, and I value this part of me because this is one of the things about myself that I give permission to grow and develop throughout the years.  I would say this is an area that I am passionate about”.

” The landscapes and things that I currently paint are places that I am connecting with my healing journey.  You will see in the descriptions of the paintings, I share a little about this journey and how it connects for me.  I have had many messages from amazing people like you who make their own spiritual and emotional connection through my paintings and that is exactly what I hope for.”

Christie is skilled in various mediums of art and painting such as pastels, acrylic, pencil, pointillism but her favorite method of painting is using oils.   Christie is mainly self taught but has taken some training with professional instructors and it is through her dedication to her passion and many hours of practice that she has developed into a skillful and confident artist.  Her work includes scenes of colorful skies, shapes of cloud formations, majestic mountains and soothing, calming water scenes.

“I hope that many people will appreciate the paintings for years to come”

Christie paints in the comfort of her own home surrounded by her loving family and cozy, inviting atmosphere, which is translated through the soothing, healing and comforting pieces she creates.  You are invited to share in this journey of  inspirational healing by witnessing the creation of her piece called, “Winter Wall”, by clicking on the link below.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself  moved by her visual portrayal of the beauty and connection to nature and the myriad of emotions while witnessing the creation of this piece.


Christie is the owner of her art business called “soundreflections”

“Sound represents the name I sign each painting with and Reflections represents my use of reflections in the various paintings that I do, most often including water..”

These paintings shown below are a few samples of her work and you can see more of her paintings on her face book page, “Sound Reflections”.  Anyone interested in purchasing any of her work can contact her through the information provided in that page.

Double falls
“Double Falls”
Frosty Winter Reflections
“Frosty Winter Reflection”
Stormy evening
“Stormy Evening”
Christie sound winter night
“Winter Walls”


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