A Chief and three Councillors, who are elected to three-year terms by custom election code, govern Swan River First Nation.
The current Chief and Council were elected in June 2022. The Nation has a long history of strong leadership with vision and the ability to ensure that the best interests of all the First Nation Membership are upheld. Following is the current Leadership of the Nation:

  • Chief Lee Twinn
  • Councillor Patrick Chalifoux
  • Councillor Mark Giroux
  • Councillor Ryan Davis

After headman Felix Giroux, Swan River First Nation’s first chief was August Sowan (Sound). His leadership was followed by Gene Giroux (Davis), August Chalifoux, Victor Twin, Paul Sound, Gordon Courtoreille, Charlie Chalifoux, Dusty Twin, Richard Davis, Leon Chalifoux and Ryan Davis, Gerald Giroux and Lee Twinn (current chief).