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Job Posting – Housing Project Manager



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The Following posting is for a communications administrator.  The nation is developing an online communications site which will be band members only and therefore will allow for sharing of band member only information.  This site will also allow for members to have input on projects and programs and be able to be updated more regularly on all band business.

Job Posting – Housing Project Manager

The following posting is for a temporary management position in Wapsewsipi which is the nation’s construction company.

Wapsewsipi – Dec. 2020 Reclamation and Remediation Project Mgr

The following is a job posting for class 1 drivers, the company, Kanaskiy Services Ltd, will be providing paid training and this opportunity is open to everyone with a priority to hire on and off reserve nation members first.  If you are an off-reserve member arrangements can be made for lodging while you are on shift if you were to be hired.

  Kanaskîy Driver Posting

The following posting is looking for someone to carry out a number of projects to update and evaluate our housing and infrastructure department and systems. 



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May 21, 2020

For anyone that hasn’t yet filled out a covid support form you can call the office in the afternoons and ask for Marcy and she can fill it out with you.  the number is 7807753536.

March 24, 2020

Tansi, we hope you all are staying safe.  We would like to thank everyone in the community for doing their part in limiting the spread of the virus and also our staff for continuing to provide services.  Since most of you are likely home we have a couple online things to try and help keep you busy.

First Sophie Morningchild who works at our school and does beading for community members is going to be continuing her beading/craft instruction online on her facebook page – Click here for more info on dates and so on.

Also, Richard Woodman, our cultural program coordinator, is hosting a livestream jam session on Friday, March 27th, at 8:00pm MST.  Click here for that.  

Everyone stay safe and keep checking back for updates.  

Update – Covid-19 Report

Tansi kakeow,

We hope all of you are staying safe in this time of uncertainty.  Swan River First Nation has taken a number of steps and precautions in order to try and prevent the Covid-19 virus from spreading in our community and in the community at large.  We have closed all of our public buildings for the time being and there is no timeline on when we will be reopening.  The health centre is partially open and as of right now the doctors are still taking calls but this could change if necessary.  We have sent a letter to everyone in the community about those closures and how to contact workers for continued services.  In post-secondary the same applies to our off reserve members and our Education director will be contacting students with information as things change.  All post-secondary students will continue to receive funding for the length of time that there program was supposed to run for.  I know many of you live alone somewhere that is not home and depend on that funding for your place to live and for supplies.  We will not be cutting off any student funding because of school closures.  

For all Band members we will be providing support for supplies to help facilitate self-isolation.  For on reserve members POs have been left at the store and/or delivered.  For off reserve members it is much more difficult as people are all over and some of the information we have is outdated.  We will be developing a form for off reserve members to fill out and send back by email/mail.  That form will be made available here on our website and will likely be linked to on other social media.  If you do not have access to email/website other arrangements can be made.  While the office is not open for people to go there, we will have it staffed in the afternoons so please call in and our staff can assist you with that process.  Staff will be contacting members to confirm this information for those who don’t send it in themselves.  We are trying to coordinate this effort as quickly as we can.  Please be patient with staff as we are undermanned and have a much higher workload than usual due to these added measures.  Please help us by sharing this information with members who you feel may not receive it.

For all of our band members, wherever you are please try and help each other out as much as you can and as safely as you can.  In  the community we are urging elders and high-risk members to stay home and contact the numbers we have provided for you to get groceries or supplies delivered to you.  Family members helping with this is appreciated but take precautions when doing so.  Don’t go in high-risk people’s homes if it can be avoided and instead deliver supplies to their door.  The same goes for off reserve members, if you have Elder relatives or know of Elders or disabled/high-risk people in your town/city reach out and see if they need anything that you could do for them while still being safe yourselves.  Please follow federal and provincial governments social media and news feeds as they are implementing programs to help with loss of income and other financial and health-related supports.  Everyone stay safe, follow your local health authorities recommendations and advice on protecting yourselves and your families.  

Swan River Chief and Council

Swan River First Nation is located along the Swan River and near the Lesser Slave Lake.  Swan River is a member of the Lesser Slave Lake Indian Regional Council.  Swan River is a signatory to Treaty number 8.

Please share items that you find interesting or informative with family and friends.  Check the news page often for our monthly newsletters as well as info on upcoming jobs, programs, etc.  Also check out the Membership updates page for information on general band meetings and monthly reports.  

If you are an artist of any kind and would like us to share your work on the Showcase – Naspasinahikewin (art) page please email us link’s or jpegs, or your work in some form and we will try to post it.  You may also contact our office if you have a member that you would like to be showcased in our Swan River First Nation ” Member of the Month”   page.

For all information regarding the 2019 election please click here