Swan River First Nation


Welcome to Swan River First Nation’s website.  Swan River First Nation is located along the Swan River and near the Lesser Slave Lake.  Swan River is a member of the Lesser Slave Lake Indian Regional Council.  Swan River is a signatory to Treaty number 8.

Please share items that you find interesting or informative with family and friends.  Check the news page often for our monthly newsletters as well as info on upcoming jobs, programs, etc.  Also check out the Membership updates page for information on general band meetings and monthly reports.  

If you are an artist of any kind and would like us to share your work on the Showcase – Naspasinahikewin (art) page please email us link’s or jpegs, or your work in some form and we will try to post it.  You may also contact our office if you have a member that you would like to be showcased in our Swan River First Nation ” Member of the Month”   page.

For all information regarding the 2019 election please click here